Chunk File  v.1.0

Chunk File is a great Windows program that will allow you to make large files into smaller pieces for transfer. All you have to do is to select the file, specify a size and click Produce button.

Chunk, an HTML Template Engine for Java  v.1.7

A powerful Java Template Engine, great for building HTML or XML docs.


Arduo File Splitter  v.1. 2. 2004

Arduo File Splitter is a simple and usefull software that permit to split a file in multiple chunk with any size, and then merge it to obtain the original file.

HelioBar XP  v.2 3

HelioBar XP is a magic utility - which restores to you the chunk of screen real-estate stolen by the System TaskBar. Window's TaskBar is a band, usually located at the bottom of the desktop, containing the Start button etc..

NandChunker 360  v.0.2

Main Features: - thread based GUI for NandPro - reads/writes Xenon NANDs in number of chunks you like - reads a chunk two times and compares them automatically - re-reads the chunks if comparion fails - automatic KV/Config extraction/injection

Send Free SMS  v.

Send Free SMS Software for GSM Mobile Phones use it from site which help to organization transform text and communicate with members, customers and suppliers.

Defrag Manager ActiveX  v.2.3.2

Defrag Manager ActiveX is a simple way to integrate in your software the function of defragmentation entire hard drives on your PC. It is also able to defragment your free space, so that all the unused hard disk space is gathered in one big chunk.

Apex Batch File Splitter  v.

Batch file splitter software splitting big ZIP RAR EXE files and join it to get original file without any data loss. File cutter breaker utility tool break cut divide large document in multiple smaller parts in batches to save your precious time.

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise  v.59.2

Need effective SEO tools with advanced reporting options? SEO PowerSuite is just what you need! It takes a huge chunk of SEO work off your shoulders & delivers visual, detailed SEO reports to clients when you need it. A money-back guarantee applies!

Miners4k  v.

The goal of Miners is to dig tunnels that lead the Miners to the gold, then back to the starting position again. The miners are simple creatures: -Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.

Empty Temp Folders  v.2. 8. 2003

Do you know how many unnecessary temporary files your computer has? They could be thousands and thousands of junk files using a lot of space on your hard disk. Empty Temp Folders is a useful and handy tool that clears the content of the TEMP folder.

AnalogX CacheBooster  v.1.0

AnalogX CacheBooster is a system maintenance/performance tool. It tweaks certain settings of your system to give Windows a bit of a performance boost.

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